21st Century pedagogy - Transition from Traditional to Personalized

Introduce yourself to the readers of My Powai
Let me start from the beginning. I come from a small town, worked hard my way through to a good education, and had a good job till recently. I wanted to pursue my passion for Education space. Education is still delivered largely in the same old way except for infrastructural changes. But education in countries like Singapore and US is moving in the direction of personalized and result-based Learner Centered education rather than traditional classroom.

I am B. Tech from IIT Kanpur, MBA from IIM Lucknow, and an Investment Banking / Private Equity professional for 10 years, and now the Founder at SpeedLabs.

The idea for SpeedLabs originated from my own experience of clearing competitive exams. For last couple of years, I have been working on a concept that delivers most effective “Personalized and Interactive learning for each student”. With this broad vision to improve the learning process, I founded SpeedLabsalong with a team of IITians.

What is the USP of SpeedLabs?
SpeedLabs isa New Age methodology to make 21st century students learn efficiently. Using best practices from around the globe, we have developed a pedagogy that combines best-in-class content, personalized focus for each student and a result oriented approach.
SpeedLabs at a glance:

  • Learn through Practice (because we learn much lesser from traditional Lecture)
  • Personal Attention to Each student (small batches ONLY 10)
  • Face-to-face and one-to-one interaction between student and teacher (not Online)
  • Top quality faculty (IITians)
  • Every student learns at his/her pace; and fixes conceptual gaps
  • We tell each student about their exact areas of improvement
  • Best-in class learning solution system for Practice

Is it really possible to provide "Score Boost" to every student in a class?
Our learning behaviour is awell-researched topic (if you google Learning Pyramid and Bloom’s Two Sigma). It tells that Practice under Personal Guidance can significantly increase your learning and performance in exams. SpeedLabs has adopted the best elements from all the formats to overcome the limitations of traditional lecture heavy pedagogy. This approach assures the benefits to each and every student. 

To back our assurance, we have a fee structure where a part of our payment is success based and is paid only at the end of the year depending on results.

How different is the teaching process in your tutorials?
Rather than “teaching”, our aim at SpeedLabs is to encourage students to put in Practice what they have learnt, with specific focus on personalized conceptual learning. We have analyzed the exam patterns, and accordingly have created key concept steps that are tested in the exams. Our focus is on understanding rather than memorizing, which is the most important for any numerical based exam.
Key advantages over traditional teaching are:

  • Personalized attention vs. Group teaching
  • Focus on Practice vs Lecture
  • Technology enabled platform to record the exact improvement areas
  • Keeping records of difficult concepts for each student

Can a student have a couple of trial sessions before enrolling?
Parents and students in class 8 - 12 are welcome for trial sessions at our Powai centre. Your readers can observe themselves how the students can improve conceptual understanding in an hour of practice at SpeedLabs.

Why did you choose Powai as a centre?
Over 6 lakhs people stay in Powai / Chandivali area. We see a good mix of students from diverse backgrounds and age groups. We believe that Powai is where we can truly demonstrate the power and impact of focussed learning approach at SpeedLabs.

Also, I personally know few parents in this area, and this is where I wanted to make a difference.

For more information, your readers can attend the workshops during the weekends.

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